Diary of a Mad Momma

Note:  Diary of a Mad Momma is an IC (In Character) series that will be expanded upon when I feel the hell like writing.  It's a chronicle of my alter ego's (mis)adventures, dealings, failings, and so on in the universe of Eve Online.  It's fanon.  So any creative liberties taken are just that, liberties.


"-old you, I kept her fli–" Static. "-est as I could. You were landside a long time."

"Shut up, Ned." More static. "-ere we go, just had a loose wire."

A moment of silence before the recording continues.

"Captain's log. Wait, wait, that's too pretentious. Maybe, 'Personal Log?'"

"You could always say, 'Dear Diary.'"

"Shut up, Ned. Captain's log. Captain Madeline McNeil," A brief pause, "The hell should I say?"

"'Dear Diary, I love Ned Silverman sooo, so much…"

"That's it, I'm going to track you down and –" Static. "-o hard your next job will be waste disposal in Jita."


Recording ends.


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