Fun is mandatory. Pants are optional.

I had to create a new post category for this, since the only other one was Announcements. 😉 When some of us were chatting in EVE the other night, one of our members, Duncan Ringill, blurted out this “slogan” in reference to a pic he made of a weird EVE graphics glitch a few weeks ago. For a while when he’d log in, Duncan would be missing body parts — legs, arms, whatever. But this one time, he had all his parts, just no pants.

And here’s a link to the original not safe for work image, in all its “ten shades of wrong” glory.

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Weyland Zaslow is the founder of the BadWrongFun Alliance. She has a few alts in the alliance, including an industrialist and a more combat-focused pilot. The player behind the alts lives in the Eastern United States with her husband and works as a software developer. She has been playing EVE for around 18 months.

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