Pemberley and Nevermind are now in BadWrongFun

Pemberley Enterprises <DARCY> is primarily focused on industry and research, and is the executor corporation of the alliance. Nevermind Enterprises <ZRSLY> has just been formed as a general membership corporation for those who are more interested in PvE and mining. BadWrongFun is mostly a carebear alliance, but our rules of engagement allow for PvP under some circumstances. We’ll be posting more here in the near future on these and other topics. If interested in membership as an individual or corporation, feel free to submit an inquiry via the contact form.

About Weyland Zaslow

Weyland Zaslow is the founder of the BadWrongFun Alliance. She has a few alts in the alliance, including an industrialist and a more combat-focused pilot. The player behind the alts lives in the Eastern United States with her husband and works as a software developer. She has been playing EVE for around 18 months.

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